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Roar of a kitten 😸

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1 year ago

I was thinking that my blog is somehow looking incomplete without my photography posts. So yesterday I was wondering on my garden and as usual, my kitten does follow me wherever I go on foot.

Kittens & Cats are so lazy whenever they get a second they just lay down and yawn all day. I've trained my kitten that whenever I do some stepping at the same place and kitten just lay down wherever it is standing. So I did alike stuff it lays and certainly yawns at the same time looking at my and "I SNAPPED". Yes, that was timed and I got my results after so many tries haha.

Sorry for my African friends majority of you guys don't love kittens cats so this post isn't for you guys maybe you get shocked by the kitten expressions but for me nothing bad in it 😻

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