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Prose of crypto bullish and bearish market

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1 year ago

It's all about a bearish and a bullish market.

But i will start with a bearish market.

When there's a prolonged price decline in the market that's typical of a bearish market.

Let me enlighten your minds

A Bearish Market happens to Reveal Weak Hands in CRYPTO

In A Bearish Market many will fear

And Sell that Coins they were running their mouth on their status that they won't sell

Bear market affects investors majorly as all hope is on the upward movement of the market. Anything contrary keeps those who do not know the basics and ethics of being and investor in panic

Bullish market in the other hand is a market that's raising and the economy remains sound.

This type of market favours investors mostly as thier hope is filled with more expectations.

When this happens Majority will think that everyday is Christmas not untill the reverse bounce on them.

To traders, weather bull or bear this set if people have no course for alarm as they make profits in the bullish market by longing and also makes profits in the bearish market by shorting.

Traders are the major benefactor of both bearish and bullish markets provided all trading FAs and TAs is mastered.

Once the strategies is on the finger tips traders experience more gain than loss.

To Big time Investors

I will conclude that CRYPTO is not ponzi

(Put money here and it will double)

CRYPTO is beyond that

The moment you begin to see it above that the more clearer it will be to you.

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