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Pandemic History VS Pandemic now

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5 months ago

The first Pandemic in history globally was in 1817 in south-east Asia specifically in Bengal was known as Cholera. Cholera reach India in 1820 during the first wave and it took about 100 000 Indians and almost 10 000 of the British troops and then cholera had spread to China, and Indonesia, and it ends in 1824 due to people immigration and leaving the place and going further until this epidemic finish. I did say the first wave because Cholera hit 7 times in the past 200 years that's why they called it waves. The second wave was from 1829 to 1837 were it reach Russia, Egypt, Hungary, and Germany in 1831. In 1832, it reaches UK, United state, Mexico and France. The epidemic was nearly an apocalypse where it affects the population of the world. The third wave was from 1846 to 1860 yes !!! Nearly 16 years...

Cholera Pandemic spread 7 times in the past 200 years

1846 to 1860

1863 to 1875

1881 to 1996

1899 to 1923

1961 to 1975

The first vaccine was in 1885 Spanish physician Jaime-Ferran, it took them almost 60 years to find a vaccine for cholera what do you think about COVID-19 vaccine it should be different right because we all know that in 1885 computers wasn't there to help and technology wasn't in its best. The Symptoms of cholera watery diarrhea, vomiting, and leg cramps, and it can be transfer through food and water and literally this disease historically was a disastrous for the whole world. Let's do some comparison here between the new virus named Corona(COVID-19) and the cholera, we noticed that they both transfer through food, water and many other things they both have different symptoms, but we can avoid through good hygiene. good care, and staying at home.






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5 months ago
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