Life is beautiful. Life is the most precious gift of God. 

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Life is a treasure of jewels whose worth is immeasurable. Life shows all its colours and shades which may be dark and bright. The dark shades of life make us realize the depth of life because life is just not just a bed of roses. As it is rightly said, “The stream would have no song if it wouldn’t have rocks in its beds”. So,  the trying, enduring episodes of life make us more insightful and patient. They make us view life from a different perspective, and help us explore new possibilities. The pains and sufferings in life make us judge the importance of pleasure that is the beauty of life.

There is no dead end as such and there is no shortcut in life. What may seem adversity is actually an opportunity? As failures are the stepping stones to success and “success is counted the sweetest by who near succeed.”

When we are confronted with the idea of giving up at that point of time that helpless situation perhaps is opening new doors for us as life is full of surprises and possibilities. When we are shattered and lose courage, God helps us to pray and by praying we become humbler and tolerant in life. The more we pray the more optimistic and vibrant we become in life. Then we see the colourful shades of life the joy, the ecstasy, the rhythm, the humour, the love. It makes us rejoice and celebrate. Celebrate not just because we have won a lottery, got a promotion or planned a destination wedding. Celebrate just because we have made all the lovely things around us happen, the smile we give to our friends, the kind words we say to the people around us.

That is the beauty of life to see the sunshine which brightens our day and fills us with new vigour and strength. Each day is a new day to accomplish new tasks and usher with a new vision. Embrace the moment with tenderness and innocence and life will become a garden of mesmerizing flowers.

Life is to pick up the good and ignore the bad. When we reflect on the positive aspect of life, we are able to cherish our dreams. Life is not a competition or the game of win or lose but it is an enjoying journey, and we are a comfortable traveller as we always land safely.

Life is to forget and forgive. Move ahead with faith and conviction then only we can realize our dreams. Life will truly unfold its magic and bring good luck and happiness.

So, live life wholeheartedly as this day is yours and tomorrow may be more wonderful.

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