Dancing the night away

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They were having dinner at the restaurant at the hotel they were staying in. On the way back to their room she was humming a song she had picked up somewhere. He recognized it and told her it was the perfect piece to dance to. They walked into the room and as he was looking for the song in his smartphone she started unbuttoning his shirt.

Photo by Alvin Mahmudov on Unsplash

A button for a letter, by the time the music started playing he had no shirt and his pants were unbuttoned. By the time he removed his pants she had gotten rid of her own clothes. As the singers started with the lyrics he held her in her arms and they started swinging at the rhythm of Waterloo. She knew the basic moves and he knew how to guide her. By the time the chorus was singing he was spinning her around. By the time the song was ending she knew which song she wanted next.

She knew how to dance to the one, two, three. With one arm extended and the other on his shoulder she was ready to get going. Holding her arm and with the other hand in her butt he started counting to get the first step.

“Hey, your hand should be on my waist, not in my butt”

He gave her a playful slap and started moving at the rhythm of the music. As the main part of the song started playing they were spinning at full speed. She started to get dizzy, but did not want him to slow down. It was so much fun. They were dancing under the intoxication that fresh love provides. Silly laughs, daring actions, passionate kissing.

They fell on the bed as the walz was coming to an end. The kissing was just getting started. It was a passionate round. The kind where you held your lovers face with your hands and want to drink their love out of them. The kind where the caress of one hand can send shivers across your spine. The kind where you know you just want to become one and dance the night away.

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