COVID-19 Positive - Don’t panic

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2 years ago

In case you test positive for Covid-19...

Don't panic and Stay strong! You can defeat it!

1. Isolate yourself immediately! Protect others from contracting it from you.

2. Take only Paracetamol (Panadol) for fever. No Aspirin or Ponstan or Brufen!

3. Take Vitamin C 1000 mg daily

4. Take vitamin D 5000 (Sunny D) IU cap once daily.

5. Take Tab. Surbex Z once daily.

6. Drink hot fluids many times a day.

7. Gargle with salted warm water 3 X a day.

8. Eat fresh fruits as much as you can.

9. Drink fresh fruit juices.

10. Add lots of nuts, especially cashew and other dry fruits to your diet.

11. If your symptoms worsen, please don't panic and call your nearest hospital right away..

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