Valhalla is calling

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2 weeks ago

Tomorrow is just another day,

always there, even in May.

May I ask you to teach me

how to forgive myself,

naughty elf on the shelf?

Between eleven and twelve

I am waiting for Hope,

nope, it is not just a trope,

another slippery slope

like that time you used to be dope,

All flowery, pink, cherry soap.

Because I said it so,

I need to go, for now,

All black tie, no bow,

no arrow either, childminder,

you are not the Man-Spider,

not even Spider-Man,

not now, not even back then.

The old times are gone,

forever lost, no more

mail in the post,

no more post office either, no,

they disappeared all in one go.

And there we are,

all of us just enough to make a car

full, last cohort of some

extraordinary generation,

leaving you to watch us

in wonder, to ponder

what went wrong between then

and now. How

can you find out

that the world as you know it

is not here anymore.

Alternate universe,

lacking some verse

reverse, inverse flash.

No time, no cash.

Sausage and mash.

For tonight, we dine in

our own home,

that majestic Dome,

between the Second and Sixth.

It can't be fixed.

Good night!

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2 weeks ago


😀🤣😀 Houdini...Hocus Pocus Focus Locus, Seems the Circus rode into town. Funny, interesting but the storyline doesn't really match the tagline don't you think...Skol 🍻

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1 week ago

What do you mean? the theme is the End of Times, the times that we know. And Valhalla is at the end of times.

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1 week ago

Well i would say it's a poor variance of the Tagline - Am assuming you were trying to pull up some poetry. But giving a deep dive into the Norse Folklore and Mythology [Valhalla] i think it could have packed more punch!

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1 week ago