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11 months ago

The winter mellows and the temperature is once more above zero degrees. It is a good day to relax, after another busy shift at work. Today I've decided to lay low, but still, I went to town first, sorting out some business. Then I had a light lunch and relaxed watching 2 episodes of Harry and Meghan (the last two). Seems like a conundrum, but they seem genuinely distressed. Well, we all need some guilty pressure. Then I watched the first episode from 'The recruit' which unexpectedly seems to be funny enough, reminding me a bit of RED (the movie). It has a good comedy, and the dialogues make sense, I was surprised. I may watch it all. The episodes. Like a fancy mushroom in its nest.

I discovered also a good anime, to enjoy later When I reincarnated as a slime. Now I only need the time off. I will also check for a way to improve my side hustle plans. Starting with the weekly plan, and expanding it over a 12 weeks period. Work, admin, recharge. And again. I am always trying to save time and to make more free time. This is my little obsession, I want to be rich in time, not in money. Money is not THAT important, you can always make more. But Time, there is never enough time.

So, priorities, how do we know which ones are the right ones? What do I do, I make a list and allocate ratings between 1 and 10, and then check the top of the list, the last 5 on the list or anything under rating 3 doesn't matter unless they are done for your satisfaction. On top of that, do not forget the rule of 80/20. 20 % of your efforts will provide 80% of your resources/rewards. And the rest of 80% of your efforts will provide 20% of the rewards. Choose your battles wisely.

The plan used to be simple. Start saving. Make a 6-month emergency saving deposit. Start investing in something like mutual funds, property, or whatever pays better. Reach the critical mass where the rewards cover your bills, food, clothes, and a little something extra every month. Enjoy retirement. And for a while worked. I reached my critical mass somewhere in the middle of 2020, I think. And then this huge mess that we call life started. Brexit, Covid, the war in Ukraine, and a lot more, coming one after another. I cannot complain, really, as I am in a position where I can cover all my expenses, and save a little something. And even help a person or two when I chose to do it. But the macroeconomic environment changed, and everything is a lot harder. To be honest, not for me, but for the next generation, the kids for today, will be much harder to achieve what we could. I do not see a viable way for them to afford a house without being helped by parents, maybe even grandparents. And this is just the start. The future is changing rapidly, and the fluctuations are not always in our favor.

Fluidity and adapting rapidly to the flow of things is the skill needed. But the question is, how do you train this? I was reading a nice book, written by some good guy with an unspeakable, unspellable name, (wait a moment to check the book),
Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, about how to find FLOW, and I must tell you, it is one amazing piece, totally worth reading. Life-changing. And I do not use the term loosely, just once every 3 blog posts. (Smiling)

What else? Apparently, I have a problem with the way my house is built, as cooking on 2 or more pots at once will bring water all over our walls and windows, especially now in the winter. I was told that most of the houses in England have this problem, is that true? How can I solve this issue? Any ideas?

And with this, I stop here for today, tomorrow I plan to do my weekly crypto updates post.

See you soon.

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What a fun guy! :D

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