The Gold rush and the Wild West of Praetoria (Splinterlands engineered daily quest rewards)

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2 years ago

Gold and Legendary, not on same card, but still, a good reward is the one that i got in the account. One Gold Venari Heatsmith. One Legendary Harklaw. I got few good monster cards this week. And the price of SPT seems to stabilize for the moment. You can use SPS to buy stuff now. And the 2000 DEC chest seems to be a long forgotten dream, after we started to receive 3-4 DEC rewards now. On long term, i presume this is good for the price of DEC. If they do not mess with the match win reward, and maybe Gold cards can be slightly boosted at 12-15% DEC bonus. Thenew monsters seems to be quite overpowered, but they are Mana hungry. Not very expensive yet, and I hope to upgrade few more of the Epics and Legendary ones before the price goes up. What else? Check this out:

4 Alchemy potions

4 Legendary potions

122 DEC

12 monster cards (Chain Spinner, Demented Shark, Venari Heatsmith x 2, Pelacor Deceiver x2, Pelacor Conjurer x 2, Venari Crystalsmith, Pelacor Mercenary, Harklaw - Legendary, Gold Venari Heatsmith)

Total value: $22.22

Actual stats for my account: 


Number of cards: 274 - Common: 103Rare: 85Epic: 51Legendary: 35 

Alpha: 20 - Beta: 32 - Promo: 10 - Reward: 105 - Untamed: 84 - Dice: 23 - Gladius: 0 

## Gold cards: 27 ## BCX: 5817 ## Value: $ 26189.88 ##


I am getting close to 30K in SPS, and it is only day 56 out of 365 of the daily airdrop. I see some nice potential in there. Also, you can now buy Credits using SPS, one more utility added to the pile. My stack of 1 Million SPT to @monster-curator is getting some nice daily returns. I am thinking to exchange some of it back to HIVE, but i want to power up 100K for my own curation first. I you want to play Splinterlands, give me a shout on this post, and I may lend you some nice cards. My referral is here for you to use, I may even throw you a card or two if you send me a comment with the username. 

All the best,



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2 years ago


You have a good amount SPS. Congrats!

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2 years ago