The fall from grace (Hive, Tron and BCH portfolio weekly updates)

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2 years ago

As the week passed, I did check my numbers, a bit like in that shark joke:

(Shark joke - Airplane landing in the middle of ocean, all passengers are given anti-shark cream to use it before going into the water. Hopeful, one of them ask: So the shark will not eat us... 'They will, the stewardess said, but they will not enjoy it!')

BitcoinCash total: 0.654 - $316 (+0.075 BCH : $35)

TRON Staking 10.000 - 11 TRX

WINk staking - 40 TRX

Total: 51 TRX ($3.31)

Hive: 1644 - $399 (+73)

Leo: 1308 - $295 (+18)

LBI: 200 - $64 (zero)

SPT: 947K - $286 (+20K)

CTP: 2053 - $20 (+18)

CTPSB: 50 - $19 (zero)

LENM: 25 - $28 (zero)

POB: 1554 - $382(+71)

BROFUND: 7 - $8.50

Total: $1501.50 ($1814 last week)

The total value is $313 down this week. Got the 1600 Hive and 1500 POB, even the 1300 LEO as secondary targets. Big plans for July, I dare to say 2000 HIVE, 1700 POB, 1 MILL SPT, 1400 LEO, 15 BROFUND and 30 LENM. As for CUB, I got 1615 right now, so hopefully I will reach 1700 by the end of July. That would be good to achieve, one month at the time. I am also thinking to use the Automata and the KLAY from Binance Launchpool to buy more Hive every day, as long as the price is low.

As for curation, I have delegated 1200HP to @meowcurator for some nice daily LEO, and 928K SPT to @monster-curator for more STP, planning to keep it like that until end of July at least.

That's all for today.

All the best,



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2 years ago