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2 months ago
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Another day at home,

my iron dome,

my way leading to Rome.

We looked above the pine,

always thought we had time,

but as I reach my conclusion:

Time is an illusion.

Another day at home, relaxing, and only tomorrow is all that is left of my holiday. I am starting my work on Saturday. I decided to use those two weeks to relax, and I did my best to do it, even if mostly, I was just doing stuff from my list, that was out of sight, so, out of my mind. I bought the clothes needed for the next year, the whole shebang. It was a big list, as I needed tops, pants, jeans, shoes and so on. I was being a bit cheeky and sent some money from a random SUI airdrop to avoid spending from my wages. Not a bad idea, reducing the stress of not coping with the extra expenses. Crypto is good.

Used my free time to go to the pharmacy to get my medications, thinking about how my grandma is 50 years older than me and has no medications. My mom got a whole bag of them, and I do hope to fare better than her, 20 years from now. Of course, went for a little shopping, got some food, and then relaxed by doing some Spanish lessons and reading for a while. Now it is already 18.00, so I will have some nice dinner, and go for a walk. Poof, the day is gone. I feel that time has no patience with me, going so fast, and I can see myself blinking and finding that I am old. Scary thought? Did a survey today, and they asked me how often I think about my own death. Hmmm, daily probably, and while I am not afraid of death, I am a bit afraid of living, of leaving the comfortable life that I built and taking some extra risks. Do not ask about my reasons, no idea yet, and, obviously, I may be into something after I read today about the learned helplessness concept.

Learned helplessness is what social science researchers call it when a person is unable to find resolutions to difficult situations — even when a solution is accessible. People who struggle with learned helplessness tend to complain a lot, feeling overwhelmed and incapable of making any positive difference in their circumstances.

There was a whole experiment about it, check this link if you want to learn more.

Anyway, is time for me to eat

something to stay fit,

I am trying to conquer these fears,

I want to live for 100 years.

I don't know if I have enough,

the times are tough,

and yet, no shock

'Eat that frog!'

is the one technique that I use.

Always win, never lose!

Huh, am I becoming quite an expert at losing, with 4-5 matches lost and the 1-2 won as my usual fare on Splinterlands, so, the marginal improvement is to not forget about the match starting and stay focused instead of surrender it (did this 6 times in the last week). Other than that, I have no idea. Other than maxing up my Riftwatchers cards slowly.

Maybe some meditation to improve focus, as my mind garden is a bit messy and full of weeds. Maybe. Could be good for my blood pressure too. Make me feel like a CEO (only they are the ones still meditating, or at least this is what seems to be happening lately).

See you tomorrow, have a perfect day!

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2 months ago
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