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Paddy long legs - The Irish Octopider (Weekly battle challenge)

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1 month ago

On this week challenge we have a Rare Reward card from the Death Splinter with 5 Ranged Attack, 8 Health and 4 Speed at max level, Demoralize (Reduce melee attack by 1) at level 3 and Blind (Increase change of missing the target) at level 7. The mana cost is high, 8 Mana, but the Demoralize will provide a significant advantage in high Mana battles. For 18-19$, you can have a max level Octopider, so the price is decent still. I am actually playing this card if there is more than 40 Mana Limit per game.

So, for the challenge, this were the starting conditions:

Mana Limit: 48

Rulesets: Melee Mayhem (Melee attack from any position


Mine - Summoner: Daria (+1 Melee Attack bonus), Goblin Mech, Vigilator, Sandworm, Shadow Presence, Ancient Lich, Octopider

Opponent - Summoner: Tyrus (+1 Armor bonus), Shieldbearer, Goblin Mech, Sacred Unicorn, Billa the Radiant, Divine Healer, Armorsmith

In this game I used Goblin Mech as main tank, supported by Vigilator secondary, as it has double attacks and poison. The poison made the difference this game. Then I had Sandworm for the back monsters, Lich for magic damage and the Octopider ranged damage and Demoralize (-1 Melee Attack for my opponent) with Shadowy Presence to increase health and act as buffer before the Lich will be getting the extra health.

As the fight started, The Shieldbearer died first, followed by his Mech, and then by my Mech. After that the Vigilator killed his Unicorn, and the Sandworm finally killed his Armorsmith, after missing few times. Billa still managed to kill the Vigilator, before the rest of my army killed his last two monsters.

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