Make your final wish, the Efreet Elder is here! ( A Splinterlands battle challenge story)

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2 years ago

I must to admit, I had quite a bit of drops related to this one lately, so, with a bit of help, my Efreet is now level 4. This is a Rare Fire splinter monster, with 3 Magic Attack, 4 Speed and 10 Health at max level (8), and a fantastic Last Stand skill (increased stats if this is the last card surviving in the game), hence this must be always used on the last position when possible. Add to this Phase (chance to miss Magic Attacks on it) at level 6, and you have a game changer. The Elder got decent health, and a good boost when reaching level 4. Ideal for many rulesets, like Holy Protection, Armored Up and always nice if you use Delvyn Dragonscale (+1 Magic Attack boost).

 So, for the challenge, this were the starting conditions:

Mana Limit: 44

Rulesets: Heavy Hitters (All have knockout) and Noxious Fumes (All starts the game poisoned).


Mine - Summoner: Delwyn Dragonscale (+1 Magic Attack boost, as I decided to line up some magicians this time, and help the Efreet to hit even harder), Magnor as main tank ( used for his Taunt and Enrage), Diamond Dragon to Slow the opponent cards, then Flame Imp, Tortisian Chief and Beetle Queen for magic damage, ending with the Efreet Elder last, hoping to a Last Stand,

Opponent - Summoner: Lyanna Natura (+1 Health boost), Goblin Mech as main tank, supported by Sand Worm, followed by 4 Magic users: Spirit Miner evading Melee and Ranged, useless, Centauri Mage with Return Ranger Fire - useless, Mushroom Seer with Silence, negating my summoner Magic boost and Spirit Shaman resisting one extra hit due to his Divine Shield.

Round 1: Under my relentless Magic Attack, his Goblin Mech and his Sandworm just died, before even attacking. Then Magnor resisted to his other four monsters Magic damage.

Round 2: I just lost 2 of my monsters due to Poison, and I killed his Spirit Miner.

Round 3: The Poison combined with my mighty power finished 3 of his monsters, with only the Spirit Shaman left.

Round 4: In a masterfully executed plan, the Poison is claiming my Tortisian Chief, leaving to the Elder to activate the Last Stand, surviving once more, while his Shaman dies in the same time with his hopes.

Star of the game?

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