Legend-wait for it-dary card - lucrative daily quest on Splinterlands

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Wow, just wow, I received a Untamed Pack from some contest on Splintertalk.io, and behold, what did I got! I think it was from a Trivia contest.

The legendary card, Vigilator, not to mention another 2 Rare cards, both tanks that I need to upgrade.

Splinterlands governance tokens were just announced, and they will make the game much more attractive long term, a truly decentralized blockchain game. The future seems exciting, just check the @splinterlands account for more information.

As for daily rewards, it was a decent week, with above average returns in terms of value, and lots of common-rare-epic reward cards, even a Gold one. This week I got the following:

14 Monster cards ( Temple Priest x 3, Wave Runner GOLD, Wave runner, Barking Spider, Demented Shark, Harvester, Flame Monkey, Axemaster, Chain Spinner, Nightmare, Nectar Queen, Warrior of Peace )

Legendary potion x 7

Alchemy potion x 6

DEC 438

1 Untamed Pack

Total value: $ 6.59

According to the discord bot: Splinterlands Stats for: mightyrocklee Number of cards: 253 - Common: 89Rare: 77Epic: 39Legendary: 28 Alpha: 29 - Beta: 32 - Promo: 9 - Reward: 79 - Untamed: 84 - Dice: 20 

## Gold cards: 23 ## BCX: 4624 ## Value: $ 1973.31 ##

The value of the cards is still increasing, and I expect more once the land NFT is launched. Power now: 291.595. Diamond rank achieved, but I am rarely winning anything in there. At the moment I am just doing quests in Gold I and after that just go to Diamond to get the rewards. I am no real contender in there until I will have some max level Summoners.

Secret side quest: Got close to 912K SPT tokens powered up and delegated to monster-curator, want to go all the way up to 1 million tokens. Am I lucky? SPT price is still swinging wildly. But SPT will be used to get more governance tokens, so I have the feeling that the price will increase.

That's all for this week. Take care and focus on the long term game. All the best,



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Where's the legendary?

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vigilator - not that picture

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