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...or spaceship, for what we know,
we read what we sow,
rules written in the sand,
no man's land,
a bit of Wonder Woman,
or just some wonder, some awe
once again,
we reap what we sow.

But now, really talking,
do we? Do the walking
then run, spick and span,
leave the damn fan
off, you're not Gideon Moff,
this is a show-off,
potatoes po-ta-toes,
it does
ring a bell
in Hell. Or paradise.
Be wise, this is the place
where you live your life,
no strife, no regrets, no pain,
no gain, all of these
are just words,
break the veil
covering your eyes
and stop eating so many pies,
this is the Paradise.

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You drew that? 🤣 Hi is your name sloth

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