Imagine Dragons, they are here, and you wouldn't want to be near! (A Splinterlands battle challenge)

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Dragons are a powerful Splinter, and the main advantage is that you can use the Dragon Splinter cards, along with another splinter of your choice. The summoners are quite powerful too, for a decent Mana cost. One of those champions, a favorite of mine, is Daria Dragonscale, an Epic Dragon Summoner with 4 Mana cost, giving +1 Melee damage boost to every member of your team. Just imagine the boost on rulesets like Melee Only, Sneak, Snipe or Opportunity ones.

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So, for the challenge, these are the starting conditions:

Mana Limit: 20

Rulesets: Silenced Summoners (no boosts) and Lost Magic (no cards with magic damage)


Mine - Summoner: Drake of Arnak, as this was my highest level Dragon summoner, level 6, with Shieldbearer as the main tank, with Taunt and Shield, a Soul Fiend to protect my Silvershield Assassin from an eventual blast skill, while it is using his skills, Poison, Double Strike and Sneak, to kill the monsters in the back of the army, and a Silvershield Bard to cleanse poison and give extra Speed.

Opponent - Summoner: Tarsa, with no boosts, a level 2 Grum as the main tank, with Bloodlust as unique skill, Void armor and Void skill to resist magic, a Radiated Brute with Reach, attacking from the second place and a Scorth Fiend, to protect from Sneak, most probably.

This was an interesting battle, with the opponent Brute and the Fiend killed in the first 2 rounds, and Grum eliminated in the third round. I think my opponent mistake was to bet all his money on Grum, which is useless without Armor Repair or Heal support.

Star of the game - The one and only, my Silvershield Assassin

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All the best, George

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I will try this out actually it looks interesting!

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