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Facebook versus Australia

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1 year ago

What can i say, by now everybody found out how one or other of both combatants are flexing on each other. 

Australia tried to introduce a law trying to make the big tech companies pay for their published news. Now the idea was good, but kind of misfired. Google made a shady agreement and continued to do their thing. But Facebook, they were not impressed. They analysed the income from the published news and decided it is not worth the while. So they did not agree to the Australian government offer and retaliated next morning, censoring the news from Australia, all of them. 

Then both parts started to throw mud to the other side, with Facebook saying that they are a private company, and they are in the end guided by profit in order to make their shareholders happy, and the Australian government, angry and resentful, playing the sympathy card, with the news from hospitals and charities being censored completely. 

What we need to learn from it? First, that Facebook is mostly right, from their point of view. Second, that the Australian government is also mostly right, from their point of view. And the most important thing, if instead of Facebook it was a decentralised similar app, none of this would happen. 

We need to build the decentralised world, bit by bit, and it is never soon enough. Blockchain twitter ( or Torum), blockchain youtube (LBRY) and so on. We need these, in order to create a better world for everyone. 

What is your opinion?

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Top job bro! Whats next?

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1 year ago

a nice day off with chill and reading a book.

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1 year ago