December by numbers - my crypto rewards, staking and crypto-income

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 Splinterlands went into the second phase of their pack sale, finishing on 8th of January with 2 cards airdrops in the same time. Cool! I only need to buy 100 more packs to get at least 5 cards from each airdrop. Some extra altcoins to boost my staking, and of course some passive income tokens on HIVE (BRO, UTOPIS, DHEDGE, you get the idea). Checked the numbers, funny enough, MOBOX  has the biggest profit (33.8% ROI per month), out of all my projects, without including Splinterlands, as I cannot quantify yet the total in there, with some money being invested in Land NFTs. Polkamon (rebranded Polychain monsters) is a second choice, with 5.88% ROI per month. And CUB/CAKE kingdoms on CubDEFI are the third, with 4.5% ROI per month. Want to see the numbers? Check bellow:


Publish0x - $12 - $52

Hive blog and Hive portfolio and layer2 blogs (Leofinance, SPT, UTOPIS, LENM, LBI, BRO, POB, DHEDGE, ARCHONM) - basically I got 53.56$ HIVE, quite a bit LEO on my delegated tokens (I estimate at least 300 Leo from delegations this month) and some layer 2 dust made by various other tokens. About Splinterlands blockchain game, I will speak about the airdrop later in this post.

LBRY - 1 LBC - I stopped checking it, as I am not too great as videos, so I will stop here for now. 

Torum -  44 XTM - $32

TOTAL - $149.56 (gained HIVE Layer 2 tokens not included)


Play2Earn - blockchain games

Splinterlands main account - $34K in cards, and they are becoming a DAO, doing an interesting one year daily airdrop (See bellow)

Splinterlands secondary account - 6291$ in cards

Splinterlands governance token airdrop - sold most of it to buy 630 packs from Chaos Legion sales, worth $6.70 each - $4221in total

Axie Infinity - 1218 SLP exchanged in liquidity on Katana DEX, with another 1.34 AXS from staking- $166

Polkamon - Polychain Monsters - 11.30 PMON - $73.45

Cryptobrewmaster - 130 ASH - $0.82

DCity - 10.5 HIVE - $16.27(selling SIM) 

Risingstar - 0 HIVE - $0 (Getting funds for 10 new packs. Getting in there slowly.)

TOTAL - $4477.54



Celsius - $371

PancakeSwap, and (BSC) pools - 463 MBOX, 1393 CUB, 348 CAKE - $7268

Kucoin - 10 KCS - 211$

Binance - 0.7 BNB, 31.66 MC - $524

Blockfi - 4 GUSD- $4

Coinbase -  1 XTZ - $4.33 - 135 CRO - $74

Zen node - 0.29 ZEN - $17.84

Stakecube - DASH,RPB,PIVX,PHR staking - $3

Tron staking and Wink rewards - 267 TRX - $20.79

Uniswap - 1459 DEC - $7

Helium mining - Rewards for mining 2.10 HNT - $77.50 staking - tested with $500 liquidity (1000 VOL staked) I got 537 VOL this month ($122), but the fees on ETH are killing the profit. 

Maiar (Elrond staking) - 0.15 EGLD - $37.70 from staking with 14.34 APR and no impermanent loss involved.

Presearch Node - 29 PRE - $9.14

Brave browser (works great with Presearch search Engine as default) - 1.43BAT - $1.70

I add to this contests on Twitter and other places, with $25 in ETH and $200 in wAMP. 

I am also quite active on Discord, assisting the UMA and ACROSS teams, check them in there if you want to learn a bit more, and if you like to spot hidden gems long before they become well known. (This is one of my well guarded secrets)

TOTAL - $8978.36

TOTAL crypto income in December- $13604.92(£10054)

As for my December strategy, my main focus being on doing daily quest for Splinterlands and Axie,  buy at least1 more NFT to stake Polychain Monsters. On Splinterlands, I will be a SPS whale, most probably. First time ever. I bought 1413 card packs until now of their Chaos Legion presale. I am staking on Hive blockchain now for rewards in SPT, LEO and HIVE. I am staking WINK and TRX for TRX, getting some more WINK this month.  I will continue to expand the Binance Smart Chain Portfolio ( I am currently staking on Pancake, Cub Finance, Mobox, and I hit my CAKE and CUB target, with some more BNB/BUSD to buy in January). And that's it. The tokens that I will keep buying in December are: KCS, BTC, AVAX, SOL, LUNA and EGOLD. I am exploring the possibility of starting to make NFT on WAX, but I am not there yet. 

Simple strategy: more TRX, more BNB/BUSD, more HIVE and LEO, all SLP from Axie exchanged into AXS and staked. On Splitnerlands I am quite bullish, but I may put everything on rentals soon, I believe, to check if this choice is better. Feel free to copy my strategies, use the links and ask your questions, if you have any. I am good with numbers and I am happy to help if possible. 

All the best,


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