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2 months ago

Leo Power Up day - and I managed to power up 357 Leo, which is not that bad. So right now I got 25723, with 4277 Leo remaining to delegate, in order to reach the projected 30K. Will I do it? Will I not? I suppose we will find out on the last day of the year.

Now I am a bit torn out, I do not know if I should start to save some Hive for another 100 packs of Genesis League, or start to upgrade my remaining Chaos Legion cards before they get too expensive. I cannot do both. With all the promo cards received, and a bit of shopping, I managed to upgrade Arkemis to level 8, and I also did the Disintegrator to max level 10. Hard to choose, but long term I think the Genesis League packs may be better, in terms of profit, if I redirect all the Hive rewards toward buying them.

Did you people try

? What is this about?

This was all that I was prepared for today, along with a small party to celebrate myself, with some close family visiting. My nephews and nieces, 2 on each side, 4 in total, with an average age of 2, well one is 8, but he is mostly busy with his tablet, so, I will not really count on him to bring some chaos into the equation. As for the others, I am ready for some mayhem, and I will be the one helping them to do that. I know, my inner child is still strong in this one.

As you can see, Friday I got a treat, a full English vegetarian breakfast, in some little posh cafe in Royston. Looking good, but not as good as my latent Masterchef skills (they are there somewhere, but are hard to find). So, instead of some elaborate dinner, I focused on something that everyone likes, and the result is cool enough for me. As I got so many children in my house, the main will be French fries and dinosaur chicken bites. Adults like it too, right? I did make a couple of plates with appetizers, trying to be a good host. Now, I am waiting for the guests. Check this out!

And the most important part is the artistically arranged drinks:

I feel ready to have a good time. And I am also cooking, at least theoretically (I will put the fries and the nuggets into the oven, yeah, this is looking like cooking in my books). Oh, looking at the picture, I realized that I need to get the glasses ready. And I do have some big cake, so, I will return a bit later with the fun parts of the party. If I am to survive it. I feel prepared, but am I? The Romanian part of me says yes. Ready to have some fun?

What can I say, see you tomorrow, have fun and live prosper!


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2 months ago