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Baby Shark, make you mark, in the greatest game of all games (A Splinterlands weekly challenge)

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1 month ago

What is Splinterlands? 

Splinterlands is a card game, similar with Hearthstone, where you can play battle against other players to get a better rank or in tournaments. There is an airdrop daily, for a whole year, currently at day 51/365, i think, and you can still get some nice governance tokens just by playing the game for the next year. Everything counts towards it, cards, DEC on HIVE, WAX, ETH and BSC, lands, titles, skins. You can maximize the airdrop by staking all you SPS for a 110% APR right now.

The Wave Runner is a Common Water Splinter Monster, with 5 Mana cost, Reach ability (Attack from second position) at level 1, KnockOut at level 5 (Double the damage if enemy is stunned) and Snare at level 9 (Removes Fly ability). At max level it has 4 Melee Damage, 5 Speed and 7 Health. I use a level 4 Gold Wave Runner, as it has 3 Damage and Reach, doing a nice job from the second position, and a 10% bonus for DEC rewards. Except decent damage and reach, this card has not much to offer. Unless is boosted by a Dragon, then 4-5 damage is significantly better.

So, for the challenge, this were the starting conditions:

Mana Limit: 28

Rulesets: Holy Protection (All mosters have Divine Shield) and Healed Out (No healing abilities)


Mine - Summoner: Bortus ( Decrease enemy magic power by 1) - Unlucky choice, as the opponent has a Melee based team. Sea Monster as tank, backed up by Wave Runner. Then, for the damage bit, I chose a mix of Sandworm with Sneak, to kill the ones on the back, melee, Phantom of the Abyss, magic, with Demoralize (-1 Melee Attack) to counteract the Knight Inspire, and the reason I won, Dodge and Fly, for a splendid chance to increase melee and range attacks evasion, and Axe Master with a nice 4 Ranged Damage. Last was the Alchemist, to defend the ones doing the damage with a mighty 1 Armor, and one useful Halving skill (once a hit landed, the attack is cut to half of it).

Opponent - Summoner: Chanseus the Great (Legendary Water champion with Repair Armor, Healing the back troops and even one Ressurect), with Silvershield Paladin as tank, using Shield (reduced damage from melee and ranged attacks), backed up by a Silvershield Knight with Piercing and Inspire (+1 Melee Attack), a Shieldbeared on the third position (why?) using Taunt, then one Armorsmith with another Repair (if he would have used a healer here instead I would have been toast), and on his last two positions for damage a Silvershield Assasin (Double Strike and Sneak) and one Sand Worm (another Sneak).

This was a game of skill and luck, and obviously my Alchemist died first, then I managed to kill the Shieldbearer, which was ressurected. My Axemaster died, and at that moment I tought that I lost the game. Finally I managed to kill that Shieldbearer, who did its job perfectly, getting all the hits until the third round. And then, a miracle happened, my Phantom decided to be invulnerable to harm. I managed to kill his Paladin and his Sandworm, while my Phantom avoided 6 direct hits. Two missed hits later, I got rid of his Armorsmith and Assasin, and the game was won. This stubborn Phantom of the Abyss avoided to be hit 7 times in one game.

Star of the game - the Phantom of the Abbys, my master of evasion.

All the best,


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Written by   48
1 month ago
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