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About Time, Freedom and Money - Day 63

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1 month ago
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​Long time ago, when I was still a teenager, I was reading about Warren Buffet, and it was a story, when a well known TV celebrity asked him what it means to be rich. When asked, Warren opened his notebook, and showed to the guy his next week schedule, with all pages being blank, except to one single day, when it was a birthday party. And in exchange, he asked the interviewer to show his next week schedule to him. As you expected, the TV guy had a full schedule, with almost no free time.

''You see, he told to the guy, being rich means to have a free schedule, to have time, and to do only what you really want to do. Having all you time available, this is the real freedom. Being paid millions, but having no free time, this will make you a poor person in my books.''

At first I did not understand it, as I was thinking that having enough money will make you to relax and have no work, and so my first financial independence program was called ''Never work again''. But one of the good habits that I got after reading that interview, was that I was translated everything I wanted to buy into hours (let's say you are paid 20 dolars per hour, and you want a really nice NFT, costing $24.000, this is roughly 100 days of your life or even 150 days, if you are working 8 hours per day, knowing this, would you still like it?). Translating every major expence into real time is not fun, especially when you realize that a nice party may cost you 10 days of your life, or a nice holiday one month of work. This will make you more wary, and prevent any unnecessary excesses.

Going back to the initial question, it is Time, not Money, that is the ultimate resource. It is limited, and once it is lost, you cannot get it back. So, if you are to work and have a dream, dream to be rich in time, not in money. Complete freedom is the ultimate goal. The ability to do what you want with your day. Everything else, when you are looking back, it is just dust in the wind. Talking about that:

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Just stop for a moment, and think about it. What is it that you desire the most?

Have fun and keep the final goal in mind!

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Written by   55
1 month ago
Topics: Poetry, NFT, Life, Art, Music, ...
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