2023 Crypto targets - Plan A, Plan B, Plan C and even Plan D - what do I want?

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2 months ago

As I was checking my numbers, it seems that I need to put everything on paper, or at least write it here, on this post, so I can come back and check at the beginning of next year. I have some priorities, and most of the year I will invest and re-invest in Hive Blockchain, as this is my main priority for 2023, with the aim of reaching Orca level in a couple of years. I am starting with:

6K Hive
25.6K LEO
20 BXT 24 LGN
zero EDS
2.5K GLX

So, what is the plan? Basically, I divided the numbers into 3, pardon 4 lists, 3 related to Hive, and one for the rest of the crypto-market.

Primary objectives:
Hive - 10K on the curation account (4843 now) and the Dolphin level, 2k on the staking account (this one - 1276 now)

Secondary objectives:
Leo - 30K (from 25666 now) and all the 12 LPUD badges
DHEDGE - 5k (from 4028 now)
ARCHON/ARCHONM - 2% of the total number (from 1.56% now) and raising my rank from 13 to 10.
EDS/EDSMM - I just discovered this one, seems promising, and I started with 10 EDS mini miners, to check them and see how they work.

Tertiary objectives:
BROFI - 100 (from 63 now)
INDEX - 500 (from 300 now)
BXT - 100 (from 20 now) more Hive
LGN - 100 (from 24 now) more Hive
ALIVE/ALIVEM - again, just discovered them and they pay Hive, so, I will add it to the list.

Blockchain games, here I go big or go home:
SPS - 100K (from 70K now)
GLX - 10k (from 2.5K now)
Buy 100 +10 Chaos Legion packs before the Winter quest expires
Buy 100 +10 Genesis league packs and get the Manager license bonus
Max level for all Chaos Legion Cards
Max level for all Riftwatchers Cards

And outside Hive blockchain, some extensive list of crypto to add to my portfolio:

2.25 BNB
320 USDT
1.9 EGLD
10 DOT
67 XTZ
19.2 ATOM
70 ADA
695 ZIL
8500 REEF
43.6 NEAR
1.8 KSM

This is the initial plan, for the whole year. I do not know how much is the total, but I am hopeful and I believe I can make it. I am already close to the 100 CL packs, which will be bought this week. So, one down, 25 to go. Beautiful list, isn't it? I can choose smaller achievable targets, but where is the challenge in doing it?

See you all tomorrow, when I need to write the weekly crypto updates, for Sunday. George

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2 months ago