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Chivo wallet Is the Salvadoran Government replacing Banks not Bitcoin.

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3 weeks ago

A lot of "maximalist Bitcoiners" have incessantly tweeted about how Central Bank Digital Curriencies (CBDC) can potentially replace the Banks, Capitalism as we know It AND Control everybody!

Well, Chivo Wallet Is the same surveillance control scheme AND It Is not Bitcoin.

Also, recently Maximalist "High Priest" Michael Saylor was retweeted the a Federal Reserve employee account. A very respected Fiat Guy.

Michael Saylor has define Bitcoin as a Life Force Energy which can preserve wealth for a hundred years with less entropy than any other means existing on Earth. He Is right.

But he has also claimed that It Is Digital Real State AND Should be taxed. He sounds like a government guy, right?

Also have declared that the Bitcoin Is a Monetary Network AND Will be used extensively in all the world with the extension of centralized rails.

He may be right, but one thing Bitcoin no longer Is: peer to peer electronic Cash which potentially can free Humanity from Bank cartel.

Bitcoin Core simply can be very useful for Governments AND large corporations because the network can protect AND transfer large amounts of Value. Bitcoin Core Is replacing Gold.

What about people

Bitcoin Is not useful for common people AND in the Future Liberty Will be found in Privacy coins AND Decentralized Exchanges. All living natively in web3 environments far from the government control.

This Is the Real tool gifted to Humanity.

Bitcoin was the door to Knowledge but It don't have to be the only one...

Gutiman18 ❌

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Written by   1
3 weeks ago
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