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Writing Skills Focus

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1 year ago

Here is some advice on how to approach writing

  1. Make sure that you have understood what you are about to write. Remember we write best on things that we know something about

  2. Spend a little time on choosing the right and captivating topic.

  3. Do no be afraid of doing a little work on rough first. Make notes, in any way you like, even a rough plan.

  4. The most common type of writing is exposition, in which you have to explain something : it could be the rules of a game or something works or an examination of a problem. Make sure that you write clear and well arranged.

  5. When thinking about what to write, it is helpful to think in terms of: Introduction(this should grab the readers attention, and it gets you going!

    Development(This is the main part of your writing. It could ne two or more paragraphs long, and it includes most of what you want to say in the best possible order.

    Conclusion( This should round of your writing

  6. Don't forget to put a very understable words.

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