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The Doctor (part 1)

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1 year ago

At 4:am, the doctor had still not come home. After eight years of marriage, his wife was used to seeing him for only a few minutes each day, but never had shee known him keep away from home so late.

She went across the room and gain dialled his office. The phone rang a few time before it was picked up. A female voice answered. Dr kalu's office.

This is mrs Ada kalu. May i speak to my husband, please?

Hold on! The phone dropped. She waited. It seemed there was a consultation. She heard a distinct murmur of men's voices, some laughter and then-

Madam, your husband said i should tell you- he's coming home soon.....

He's chairing a meeting of international experts....

At four in the morning?

'The meeting actually began at ten last night, madam.... It's this new expansion programme.. We have consultants from China and Germany.

'Expansion of what for God sake! She put down the phone in a rage.

At about five in the morning she wqs alerted by the barking of dogs. Then she heard a bang on the door and voicw of the houseboy saying welcome. She sighed with relief.

She was aware of his coming in. In semi-awake state, she drifted towards him just before he threw himself into bed with his clothes. To all her questions and her pleading to eat or drink even hot soup, anything at all, he answered in slurred voice, and soon she heart his measured snoring.

He had slept for barely thirty minutes when telephone rang and continued to ring.

She picked it up

Is Dr Kalu there?

He's in bed. He just came in from work.

Oh please remind him. He has that special operation to perform. And everyone in there.Dr Hamzaki from Japan and Dr Idris from Pakistan have just flown in with group of visiting students under UNESCO plan. What! She breathed. She could really be feeling proud of all this. But instead she was afraid.

There was an interruption from Dr Kalu's bed. Is that the hospital? Tell them I'm on my way.

Breakfast is ready, dear. She said. 'Later' he sai.

She stood before him in her nightgown. She was very beautiful and alluring woman. Her marriage had been happy, and they had already had three children when leo Kalu was appointed specialist surgeon at the World Health Research Hospital in the city.

To this internationally-financed hospital cane specialist from all over the world. Then the doctor published his findings on hepatitis, followed by paper on bone-setting among African people and all the mad rusg began. He was sought after to advise on orthopedics. He found himself on all kinds of advisory bodies and committees on many of which he was the chairman.

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Written by   78
1 year ago
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