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The day my family were very happy

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1 year ago

It was early in the morning and still dark when i woke up to someone shaking me roughly. I make a low sound of unhappiness and unclear speaking to myself, half asleep.

It was my brother, is should know better. His smiled in a way that showed only his upper teeth.

I wqs surprise to see back home as he was kidnapped a week ago.

I asked does anybody know you're back?

He said yes, Mum knows I'm here, you can't believe how happy she was when she saw me.

She's preparing delicacies for us for break fast.

I looked up and down at him to make sure i was not dreaming.. Yes! It's reality.

My cute little, spoiled brother, i said you grow taller everytime i see you.

My father came running into living room after hearing his son is back. He look like he flied from the football field he normally went for training.

My brother jumped from the dinning table and hug our dad out of joy.

My father stood still, his chest heaving and said i am happy you are back.

My mother said you can laugh to my father.

Outside the room i stood for moments and listened to the voice of my happy siblings.

They were very happy.

And someone called my name, it was my next door neighbor and schoolmate, running towards me. Heard your brother is back from those criminals.

I said yes. It's nice to have him back.

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