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Taking Notes in College

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1 year ago

The ways towards perfecting study habit is maintaining good notes from classes.

The important element for note-taking is organization. Keep a separate notebook or separate divisions in a big notebook for each course.

It is important to write down everything that is mentioned in lecture or class but write as much as you can, especially information that is repeated or information that is preceded by a word kike important or information that is written on the blackboard.

Listen carefully at the beginning of the classes. Try to jot down your notes in outline form so that you can see how information given is related in meaning and importance.

If the lecturer take time to emphasize a certain point, make sure you emphasize that point in your notes by underlining the point.

After classes, don't allow your notes to get too cold before you revise them, especially if you write poorly. As soon as possible, look over your notes while the materials is still fresh in your memory

If you find that re-copying your notes helps you to remember, do; it and do it well.

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good job.

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1 year ago