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Take Care Of your Health

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11 months ago

The bottom line is that we can all do our bit to make us healthier. 'Prevention is better than cure' may be an old adage, but it still holds true today, despite the fact that huge sums are being spent on research into cures for diseases that are easily prevented.

Now more than ever, it is up to YOU personally to take responsibility for your own health.

For some time the evidence has been building up that a healthy lifestyle is more important than anything that medicine can offer. We can all do our bit to prevent our own personal ill health.

Studies show that those with a good healthy diet, who do not smoke, who have enough exercise, who have access to clean water, and who use a mosquito net at night have less than half the risk of disease such as malaria and tuberculosis, diabetes and heart disease than those who do not have this healthy lifestyle.

The message then is simple:

  1. Don't smoke

  2. Have a good diet (lots of fruit and vegetables)

  3. take exercise (brisk walks several times a


  4. keep your weight in check

  5. Svoid unsafe sex.

Follow these guidelines, and the chance of having something nasty happen to you is very, very, much reduced.

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Written by   78
11 months ago
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