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Poor man thinking

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1 year ago

Take the case of the poor man who wins $2,0000 with a lottery ticket. He has never seen so much money in all his life. To him $20000 is inextinguishable. He imagines he is now a rich man. So what does he do with the money?

First he marries two or three, paying a handsome bride pride for each. After all, he can now afford the luxury. Then he thinks of building a house with the rest of the money. One imagines that, like the foolish man in the bible, he is ready to say at the end, 'soul, take thou thy rest, eat and be merry'

But poor soul, there is no rest yet.

$20000 minus three bride prices and marriage feasts will not cover the cost of a thirty-two roomed house. Unfortunately the the foundation has been laid, part of the walls have been laid, part of building have been build, the window frames are ready to be put in; in short, the point of no return has been reached when, suddenly, the money is exhausted. Panic-stricken, the poor fellow rushes around trying to borrow money; they would rather buy the house.

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