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My second day in university

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1 year ago

My second day in school was a bit different from the first day. I'm a little comfortable with the atmosphere. After taking my morning bath early in the morning before my gorgeous roomy wakes up. I can't stand bathing while she's in the room. I run straight to class room or better yet to where i thought was my class. University is something elsw even finding your class is stressful. After asking about four people i found my self in my class. Everybody appeared to be busy with a thing or the other and nobody talks to nobody. I sat down close to a girl in the front seat. I then said good morning. She angrily said what is good about this morning. I took it as a joke and answer by saying nothing but you sh the smile and continue working things in her back.

This is my second day in university ,the day i found Tina (my best friend)

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