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Love or lost

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1 year ago

I find it difficult differentiating the two

Love is an intense feeling of affection and care towards someone.

Lust on the hard is feeling of intense desire especially sexual nature.

Now this two are often time confused.

Yest even by me

But the truth is if you didn't know which one you are having toward someone then i tell you, you are confused.

Love is what keeps relationship last longer

However lost is temporary.

This is one of the reason why some of our relationship can't last longer than our perfumes.

Before you make any big decision in your love life. Ask yourself is it lost?

Once i was in love with a girl when i was youngee than i am now. I thought i found the love of my life but now it was lost because she offered the desire part. I didn't realize that until when i left to somewhere far, where she can't offer such except her behaviour and manners. That when i realized it was a lust.

So while you can. Figure out your feelings.

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