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We should be sincere in matters of God too:

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3 months ago

To seek a good job, we all prepare for it. We develop right skills, we make ourselves competent over others and work hard night and day. You know very well you have to prove yourself worthy to achieve what you're aiming for. But we don't see this sincerity in matters of God and religion. People are immersed in worldly activities and then ask what they should do to develop closeness to God Almighty. They are not ready to sacrifice their ego and believe the price for Paradise is simply performing some rituals. They find it so difficult to forgive a person's minor misdeed and assume God will forgive them for the big sins they indulge in.

We have to be as sincere in matters of God as we are in our worldly and personal matters.

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2 months ago

Thank you dear😍

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