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Signs of God are spread all over the universe:

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1 year ago

Signs of God are spread all over the universe.

In some places inanimate matter provides a pointer to some profound reality; in others menial objects send out a message for man. Sometimes an event of great instructive import occurs in the human world. Sometimes God enables one of His servants to call his fellow men to truth in plain, spoken language. In all such instances, only one who has opened his mind to truth will find it.

If one is not receptive to instruction one will gain nothing from all the signs that are scattered throughout the world. Even divine revelation and prophetic teachings cannot break down the barriers of a closed mind. Such a mind is like a beast who hears and sees all, but understands nothing.

One who remains open to instruction will look at the whole world as a living proof of divine realities. Nothing can take the place of a receptive intellect.

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