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Literature: Model Of Tragedy:

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5 months ago

Hello everyone, Hope you all are doing well.

Today I want to share something regarding literature.

I want to share the model of tragedy that Aristotle has discussed in one of his favourite book poetics. We all know about this book.

First of all what is tragedy.

General definition of tragedy is that a story with an unhappy ending.

But it's not the 100% right definition because if we say that tragedy is a story with an unhappy ending then we are ignoring the first two parts of drama that is start and middle as drama contains three parts; start,middle, end.

Aristotle denies the general definition of tragedy.

Correct Definition of tragedy:

A story that starts with high seriousness and this seriousness continuous throgh middle till end. Tragedy should have high serious thought, suspension, curiousity, fear by beginning till end.

1) Plot:

Plot means sequence or series of events or actions.

If we want to write a tragedy, we should write a very good plot that should have serious start, middle and end.


Unity means connection. Your story should be such that if you miss one event then you can't understand the whole story. Every event in the story should be connected with another event.

There are three types of unities.

1)unity of time.

2)unity of place.

3)unity of action.

We should be careful about all these unities.


There should be some spectacles aeound the characters that makee the story more interesting.


Tragedy should copy or immitate the life. It should reflect the life.

All genres of Literature also immitates life. Literature is the reflection of life.

For Example, if the writer is famous for magical realisim then this type of magical realism should not be present in tragedy because tragedy contains high seriousness and fear that makes you curious about what will happen next.


This word was coined by Aristotle for the tragedy. Catharsis means purification of twin emotions( pity and fear). He said that tragedy should have pity and fear that you feel pity on tragic hero because of so much suffering that he does not deserve.

At the end I will suggest you people to read tragedy that contains the same sequence as mention by Aristotle in his book POETICS and is a very good tragedy. The targedy is OEDIPUS REX written by Sophocles.

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Written by   86
5 months ago
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