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Keep thoughts Cleaner than water:

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1 year ago

Ali said: “Keep your thoughts cleaner than pure water. As water drops make a river, thoughts make character and faith.”

We are not in the habit of observing our thoughts. When there’s dust on our faces, we notice it instantly and remove it. But we often live with a negative thought for long without realizing how it is harming us.

Your thoughts will affect your behaviour and relationship with people. Our thoughts also need to be trained and managed.

In Islam, this thought management is called self-introspection. Daily inner reflection is essential for our long-term mental health. We should be around positive people so that we can get rid of our negative thoughts.

Intorspection is actually the consideration of your own thoughts, motivation and personality.

With help of self reflection, we become self aware, and we can look at our feelings,ideas and thoughts. Through intorspection, we examine our mental state and thinking.

Our mind is always continuous even if we are alone, we think either positive or negative. So if we think positively, then it leads to personal growth but the negative thinking is dangerous because it destroy our mental health.

Don't allow others to judge you, judge yourself because you know better you bad qualities so think aboht yourself and just try to examine yourself.

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