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Death of Exotica

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Written by   87
7 months ago
Topics: Poem

Oh! Beautiful life of misery and pain

Stop following the empty shadows of man

To desire is mouth filled by ashes

Reality is a bitter sweet and has lashes.

Oh!My friend scared be not of dark and loneliness

The spring and autumn wither its fragrance on your emptiness

You need audacity and charming heart to feel.

Only heart dares to quench that thirst to heel.

Oh! Death punish not;her body is mortal and weak.

Her soul is strong, made in forge of meek

My exotica, thou are not dead, but asleep and dreaming.

Oh people make no noise thou shall awake her

Dreams of roses and joyous songs would back her

She is tired of strife and meaningless life

Bliss her God, be kind angel of darkness and light.

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