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Bitcoincash, how it works? Easy ways to earn it?

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8 months ago

Before starting about how to earn I will tell you about the difference between bitcoin and bitcoincash.

First major difference between these two is that Bitcoin is a crypto currency which takes longer transaction time while bitcoincash started by bitcoin miners take a little transaction time as compared to bitcoin. Bitcoincash is more quick than bitcoin due to which waiting times for bitcoincash transaction is shorter than bitcoin.

Why is bitcoin takes longer time of transaction?

Bitcoin takes longer time of transaction because of the reason that it's a digital currency and stored in a digital way like in blockchain and we all know that blockchain is a slow technology as compared to bitcoincash.

Bitcoincash is better than bitcoin?

Yes bitcoincash is more better than bitcoin but why?

It's because it has low transfer fees than bitcoin so while we transact in BTC then we can easily save more money in bitcoincash transaction than BTC. Also it has a quick tranfer time and less waiting time. Bitcoincash is a worthy one and a good investment we can do here.

How to earn BCH? Ways to earn BCH?

1) Most of the people have joined the noisecash plateform where we can write a valuable posts and earn BCH from the noisecashers. It is an interesting website. Hope you all will enjoy it.

Hope you all will enjoy it posting in it and earn free bch, a cryptocurrency. We all are given free tips and we have to give some of the free tips to the interesting posts and some of the free tips we will keep for ourselves. I really like to earn bch here in noisecash too.

2) There are different other plateforms too where we can earn bitcoin cash easily. As I have described above one of them a noise cash plateform.

Some others are lazyfox and taskopus, fiverr. These all are offering active way to earn BCH.

I have also earned 2.5$=0.006BCH in a week in noisecash.

Just download a bitoincash wallet and start investing😍😍

Thank you noisecash and bitcoincash. I really enjoy earning bch💯😍.

I am making people aware about bch in my hostel too so that they can know about this fast growing cryptocurrency that will help them while earning. Once again thank you😍

Hope you all will enjoy it.

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Written by   87
8 months ago
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