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Benefits of planting trees:

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2 years ago

We all know that trees are very inportant for the survival of all living organisms. Harbivours hardly depens on trees and also all living organisms get alot of benefits from trees and plants.

Trees are the source of food and oxygen for humans beings and other organisms.

Without trees we our survival in the world will become difficult as it has alot of importance in our life.

Trees are the source of food, shade and beautiful flowers which make the nature more attractive and beautiful.

Planting more Trees and plants make the soil fertile. Purification of air is one of it's main function.

Harmful effects of deforestration:

But now adays we lost this great natural resource of trees and plants by deforestration and other human activities.

Humans don't even think about the negative side of cutting trees that how dangerous it could be for wildlife and for other living organism both. Now adays human beings are just busy in building homes, factories and for this purpose they cut the trees and plants which is very harmful as it causes soil erosion.

Such type of soil erosion is all because of deforestration.

Flooding are also caused because of cutting trees and deforestration.

Most of the pollution is caused. Cutting trees and plants has desturbed the natural flow. We have lost millions of species in this world because of less number of trees available. Urbanization is one of the main cause of its destruction. The area where there is less number of trees is usually hot and dry as trees is the source of shade too and make the atmosphere clean.

We should make our people aware about the benefits of planting trees and harmful effects caused by deforestration. We should make the people aware how trees are important for the survival of life.

Floods is very common factor caused by deforestration nowadays especially few months ago here in Pakistan we faced these flood conditions in Karachi and lost the lives of most of the people and it is the human responsible for it because they just focus on building more and more factories for which they cut alot of the trees without thinking about the wildlife, and its harmful effects upon lives.

So we should advise others not to cut the trees but we should plant more and more trees in order to purify our atmosphere and saves the wildlife and also to save the life of human beings.

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Written by   87
2 years ago
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