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Does the Dogecoin "endorsed" by Musk have investment value? Find Out!!!!!

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1 year ago

What exactly is Dogecoin?

The average person must not know how to answer, but this does not prevent Dogecoin from becoming widely known. Because the world’s richest man Musk pushed it in all directions, it soared 300 times in a year, with a market value of more than 80 billion US dollars, and a market value of more than a century-old shop. Automobiles have become the fourth largest currency in the digital currency field. This is surprising enough. What's even more bizarre is that the birth of Dogecoin is just a joke. It only takes a few hours to build Dogecoin. From any point of view, Dogecoin is like an air coin.

Dogecoin was born in 2013. Australian entrepreneur Jackson Palmer and software engineer Billy Marcus believed that Bitcoin is air. In order to mock Bitcoin, they both downloaded Bitcoin online. The open source code was slightly modified, and the Bitcoin icon was changed to the popular Japanese Shibu Inu logo on the Internet at the time. In this way, it only took a few hours to create a digital currency like Dogecoin. Their original intention is that you said that Bitcoin is more valuable, and we can copy and paste it, and we can create a so-called "valuable" currency. The two founders were not optimistic about Dogecoin. They sold it out a long time ago and let it run autonomously according to the algorithm of the program. This also made Dogecoin become the number one in the field of encrypted digital currency outside of Bitcoin. Two unowned currencies.

Dogecoin was tepid a few years ago. After sleeping for many years, it was favored by Musk. Since then, Musk has become the chief spokesperson of Dogecoin. Silicon Valley Iron Man Musk is really powerful. He can turn Tesla into a new energy car, and can also send people and goods to the sky with SpaceX rockets. He can also blow Dogecoin into the sky with his mouth. On Twitter and on TV shows, Musk spared no effort in advocating, pulling the offer many times, even threatening to put Dogecoin images after landing on the moon, and buy Spacex rocket tickets with Dogecoin. On a TV show a few days ago, Musk thought: “Dogecoin is the future of currency. This is an unstoppable financial tool that will take over the world.” After being asked repeatedly by the host, Musk finally admitted that Dogecoin is a currency. "Scam", these words instantly caused Dogecoin to plummet by 30%. People who speculate Dogecoin don't have a strong heart, and can't bear the ups and downs of their moods and the excitement of great joy and compassion.

Even one of the founders, Jackson Palmer, is puzzled by the surge in Dogecoin in recent years.

In fact, the root cause is the sluggishness of the global real economy affected by the epidemic, but the Fed desperately issued banknotes to print money, global liquidity was excessive, funds can only chase the bubble, and encrypted digital currency is the best bubble carrier. However, it is also a cryptocurrency. Bitcoin has its originality and its circulation is limited, while Dogecoin's pure copy of Bitcoin has no originality, and its circulation is unlimited. It only depends on Musk's mouth. Such madness is destined to be unsustainable, so buying it is extremely risky.

Of course, Musk has said that his purpose of making a lot of money on Earth is to open up Mars. Maybe he thinks that building cars and rockets is too slow to make money. He feels that it is easier to gather huge wealth and achieve it by pulling Dogecoin with his mouth. He pioneered the dream of Mars. If this is the case, the leeks will feel better when they are cut, after all, they will make some contribution to the landing on Mars.

What do users think about Dogecoin? 

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1 year ago
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