The Birthday Incident

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Have you ever had a perfectly good day ruined by just one thing (if yes, feel free to comment below and hit the like icon) simple thing that could have been avoided if only...yeah...if only. Such was about to befall me (Poor innocent me)

For the new subscribers, this is a sequel to two other articles based on my personal experience, I hope you find it really captivating

(Normal) Birthdays celebrates the day you were born, how long you've lived and how lucky you are to be alive...This wasn't the case in my school (till date).

(My School) Birthdays celebrates how much you cried upon your entry into the world and this pain must be replicated (Whether you are in agreement or not). It's strange, but this was the norm (our norm)... Food, water, juice (basically anything disposable) is thrown at you, and then you will be flogged with belt or cane and slapped hard on the face or get the gist (One time a mate found himself in the school clinic)... this was how boys celebrate it (Girls are quite loving and smart too, why would they want to ruin their pretty little faces over a celebration?). If anyone did hurt her, they will definitely get it from me (Not that I could fight, never worked out a day in my life but where was this strength coming from? I do

I know, you're probably thinking, what did the school authority have to say about this? They tried to enforce discipline and ban such practices, but then again, who listens (Rules are meant to be broken:‑X).

So, on this unfortunate She approached me. A couple of student who were trying to "Celebrate" a friends birthday rushed towards my direction

To understand this part better permit me to digress a little, on this special day I wore my only Slim-Fitted trousers, it was contraband but I wanted to look...Cool...back in the days, those who were capable of breaking school rules were the cool kids... I couldn't afford to do this due to a lot of reasons (but most importantly I wanted to have a clean record) was the unpopular guys life for me... Today was an exception.

As they rushed towards me, I tried to avoid the impact but...right on the ground I fell, my face, I saw white light as it hit the pavement. The neatly pressed white shirt got stained...when I thought the worst had happened, Mr Adeleye (one of the most feared teacher) was spotted coming towards our direction..all hell broke lose..I saw her running into her class (if she was caught up in this, I could have fought Mr Adeleye for that strength again)...Well, she was safe, it was time for me to save myself...I struggled to get back on my I ran towards my locker I heard a sharp tearing sound.

"No no no, this can't be happening to me"

The look on Samuel's face (yep, you guessed it, one of my classmates) was completely revealing..the back of my trousers had opened up..

"How did this day get ruined?"

I had planned everything to the last minute, even memorized some good jokes to impress her, a big lump was swelling by the side of my face from the impact, my white shirt was dirty and my Trousers, torn...I couldn't even locate my face towel, I must have dropped it in the midst of all that confusion...whose birthday was it? I can't even remember...I didn't get a good look.

"Did she see all of that?"

The day had just started but I was already a mess... What a day...

Well, on the plus side, what's the worst that could happen?

Just when I was down in the dumps, help came (Not the type you'd imagine...but help it was)

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