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3 years ago

I set out to work this morning. There's a little drop of rain here in Iriebe town, Nigeria. This is our rainy season, so it's not uncommon to have rainfall everyday in our locality.

Today's Activities

Today I'm reviewing reports for previous jobs. They are really much. We rounded up about ten projects last month. I was in charge of dimensional control, material inspection and writing of visual weld inspection reports and weld summary sheet.

As a normal routine, the client must go through the reports, sign it out before it's deemed successfully delivered as a final product. In my company we are mainly into construction, installation and procurement for oil and gas services.

It's important to mention that I usually have time to be on Steemit when there's no project going on. So at the moment, we are less busy, since no new job is on ground.

So I'm just in the office to finalize documentation and submission of same.

Do have a beautiful day.

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3 years ago