What If You Had All-In-One Crypto Profile?

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Imagine Your Crypto Profile Be… All-Around

One of the crypto space pain points is its fragmentation. There’re too many blockchains, wallets, apps, platforms, extensions, and tools to switch between. Web3 is a raw idea, and not all services are user-friendly. Sometimes, you desperately need a phone-a-friend feature or in-depth blockchain research.

We all need a go-to, universal solution. Since it doesn’t exist so far, let’s conceive a perfect one. OneArt has some thought-provoking ideas.

What is your crypto wallet profile now?

As a rule, it contains basic information:

  • Wallet balance

  • Public key

  • Transaction history

  • Privacy, security, notifications, and advanced settings (developer features, custom RPC, etc.)

  • Options to view, receive, buy, send, and swap tokens

  • Options to create and view collections.

It may look like OneArt’s

Or MetaMask’s

It may include a Public Showcase feature’ like Rainbow. But you still need other services to connect to the community, comment on each other’s purchases, or share ideas.

Or it may allow you to track any other wallet like Zerion.

❗️However, currently, it doesn’t ask if you want to be added to the watchlist. It’s worth thinking about boundaries between transparency and tracking since a significant part of users are concerned about being tracked online (e.g., 73% of Americans).

POV: What a crypto profile could be

It would be great if it were more engaging, interactive, and fun — in one word, more social. Imagine it as a mix of crypto and social identity, not separating but connecting the community. Sort of a social media profile without internet wars and information bubbles but with a shred of trolling. (We can at least dream that up, right?)

To bring the idea to life, crypto profiles could expand the list of its features and:

1️⃣ Help you find and join like-minded people

For instance, you would be able to create your Web3 identity, specify crypto space interests, add favorite projects, follow influencers, view other profiles, and let your community view your crypto journey. It could make it easier for crypto holders to connect based on their interests, tokens they hold, or games they play ➡️ just like you add interests on LinkedIn to forge a connection and develop a relationship.

It could really become a kind of “LinkedIn for the crypto community.”

Moreover, you would use the verified profile backed by your wallet address/info about assets/actions in the Web3 ecosystem, etc. to prove your digital identity and log in to multiple Web3 platforms.

2️⃣ Allow creating verified project/brand/company profiles

And manage some kind of crypto and Web3-related news feed with announcements, notifications, bookmarks, lists, etc.

3️⃣ Have a well-thought-out user interface

An average, not tech-savvy user doesn’t have to understand how blockchain works to share his latest activity with friends. So, crypto profiles need to chip away all the complexity.

4️⃣ Enable copy trading

Users can be notified of transactions made by influencers or other users they follow and then be offered copy trading to leverage the top-notch traders’ strategies.

5️⃣ Add gaming features

For instance, like levels in the Steam community. Users could also get some rewards and other perks for leveling up.

6️⃣ Offer tools for influencers

These could include verifying creators’ profiles, creating private groups with NFT access, chats to engage followers, social tokens to manage their own tokenomics, and enhanced monetization tools with blockchain-based payment options.

7️⃣ Have research and analytics tools

To help track crypto and NFT trends via integrated stats and research tools such as indexes, hottest contracts, price and volume charts, etc.

The paradigm shift

At OneArt, we’re sure the future is in SocialFi, and the shift is bound to happen, putting community members and creators at the heart of everything. It’s aimed to fix the most common Web2 networks pain points that stem from centralization and monopoly:

  • Censorship

  • Lack of users’ control over their content and identity

  • Privacy and security issues

  • Abundance of scams

  • Preponderance of bots

  • Unjust monetization rules

  • Algorithm supremacy.

The idea is still embryonic, but we already have a solid foundation to frame the future. It will be built around blockchain, DAOs, dApps, NFTs, and all other services, tools, and features that will emerge in Web3. In a few years, an all-around crypto profile could become taken for granted — just like Facebook accounts or online banking today. It could be an integral part of a digital identity without which you are out of touch with the world and can’t be a true crypto holder.

With OneArt crypto and NFT wallet as a basic layer, we’re conducting continuous market research to investigate options of bringing you new social features and shaping a user-centric ecosystem as a seamless gateway to Web3.

What features would you add to create your crypto profile? Stay in the loop and share your ideas with the OneArt team. Together we’ll alter the very idea of crypto and social interaction!

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