Top 5 Penny Crypto To Invest in 2022

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The two top crypto coins are ETH and BTC, but they may have entry barriers when investors want to be in a position to enjoy the maximum upside potential. Suppose for example that you invested $100 in Bitcoin, then if there was a break out, you wouldn’t make nearly as much profit as expected.

The most likely scenario would be that you make a few hundred or even a few thousand dollars. On the other hand, investing in petty crypto can give you unmatched returns as they can give you unprecedented return on investment.

With that in mind, it is not hard to imagine that during the second wave of the Covid 19 Pandemic, those who opened positions with Matic/Polygon in April, made 5x what they invested in a matter of a month.

It is interesting to note that in just a few days, matic has gone from $0.35 to $1.02 when it traded. As such, if you want to discover some of the top petty cryptos you should pick in the year 2022, here’s a list you should keep your eye on.

It is expected that a number of smaller cryptos will break out in the near future

A pandemic is on the cusp of being terminated, all the while the demand that was depressed due to a lack of work and funding inflows would again be restored, perhaps even skyrocketing, due to the end of the pandemic.

Due to the fact that the supply chain will feel the pressure, and there is going to be a rise in demand, it is likely that the possibility of counterfeiting of goods cannot be ruled out entirely.

The terms "Crypto Enthusiast" and "Crypto Investor" mean two very different things

Is it just the technology that attracts you? I'm not sure what your answer would be, but if you ask me, I would tell…

Through the use of IoTs and Blockchain, VeChain helps track the goods and confirm their veracity by using embedded systems.

However, with the immense supply chain explosion taking place, it is highly probable that if there’s an explosion in the price of this token, it’ll shoot through the roof for sure.

For many years, the remittance industry was searching for a new innovation, and Stellar has provided the same to its users.

It is because of instant cross-border transfers at a very low cost that many companies can look forward to Stellar rather than relying on SWIFT for the settlement of payments since the tokens are paired with fiat and allow for a quick conversion directly into a bank account. As such, the token would be a great choice for the year 2022.

There is a strong possibility that Web 3.0 will experience another tremendous explosion in the advertising sector and that BAT token will be the beginning of that.

Advertisers and creators were able to be paid for promotion prior to the launch of the BAT browser; however, much of that will change because of the BAT browser. Viewers are now eligible for rewards for viewing advertisements for the first time.

Rewards could be monetary or in the form of NFTs (Network Fortress Tokens). Thanks to the BAT browser, however, this concept has been brought to reality. Since February 2022, the BAT browser has passed the 25 million mark in terms of monthly active users and has been becoming increasingly popular, catching the public’s attention.

As such, it is considered a top pick in the realm of petty tokens.

As some of the emerging fandom projects like Rario and Chilliz get underway, the fandom movement is getting restyled to a more modern avatar.

Chillize, on the other hand, has seen its niche carved out through the token system that enables them to directly participate in team selection.

Aside from this, by using this token, the users are entitled to receive a whole range of discounts and giveaways that are geared towards further solidifying their ties with the team they support.

Due to the growth of the NBA and NFL, Chilliz would be the favorite crypto to pick, cited primarily by the growth of the NBA and NFL.

There are many alternatives when you are looking for a small crypto to invest in, and BNB is one of the top contenders.

Since the ecosystem has hosted many NFTs and DeFi projects, the token has undoubtedly fallen greatly in price over a period of 2 years, falling from its ATH of $600 to $300.

All of these potential make BNB a top pick for 2022 since if the bear market gets over by 2022 end, BNB will explode with Bitcoin and reach to its next new ATH.

These are just picked from a speculative point of view; it is advisable to do your own research and invest in cryptocurrencies since the market is highly volatile.

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