Layer3 Paid Ambassador Program

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👋 Hey there, looking to become a Layer3 Ambassador?

Layer3 Ambassadors are passionate, motivated, and highly involved in their own communities. They share an unmatched curiosity for web3 and can’t wait to discover the next best thing — and most importantly, they’re always sharing the alpha to further a culture of collaboration with others.

As an official Ambassador, you’ll do the following:

  • Lead community initiatives to foster a collaborative, fun community

  • Contribute alongside the Core Team to develop critical marketing, content, and event initiatives

  • Identify potential partnerships and opportunities

  • Represent Layer3 in your city/region, and share the Layer3 love through digital channels like Twitter, Discord, and Telegram

And, most importantly…Make web3 fun!

👬 We currently offer two programs: Voyager and Pioneer Ambassadors.

💫 Voyager

You’re passionate about Layer3 and are a frequent user of our product. You’ll be repping Layer3’s brand and bringing new friends to our thriving community.

  • You receive: Discord role, private Discord channel, exclusive merch, shareables, NFTs

  • What we expect: Discord moderation and new member onboarding, driving e-mail sign ups, contributing to community & content initiatives, event participation

  • Time commitment: ~4–6 hr/week

  • Rewards: $50 USDC or ETH for every # of email sign ups, Discord joins, posts made (TBD), $0.1/word for content

🚀 Pioneer

You’re active in other web3 communities and love what Layer3 can bring in collaboration with other web3 protocols and platforms. You’ll be identifying potential partnerships and repping Layer3 in your own community, in addition to co-hosting cross-community events.

  • You receive: Discord role, private Discord channel, exclusive merch, shareables, NFTs

  • What we expect: Outreach to potential partners and communities, Discord moderation and new member onboarding, product research, hosting and contributing to community & content initiatives

  • Time commitment: ~6–10 hr/week

  • Rewards: % commission (up to $500 in USDC or ETH) for every paid partner you bring on board

🤔 What are the benefits of being an Ambassador?

Ambassadors will become a critical part of our community. Here’s what you’ll get in addition to what’s listed above:

  • Early and exclusive access to new product features before they’re launched

  • Access to a talented network of web3 enthusiasts

  • Participate in special mentorship and professional development initiatives

  • Priority feedback sessions with the Layer3 team

  • An additional cash stipend if you commit for >6 months!

👉 What are you waiting for? Apply here!

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