Don't Invest in Crypto Miners — Do This Instead!

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Don't Invest In Crypto Miners — Do This Instead!

Crypto miners, such as BNB Miner or Baked Beans, are one of the riskiest investment approaches in the crypto sphere. In this article, I will explain why you shouldn't invest in crypto miners and what you can do alternatively.

Everybody knows that crypto miners are a no-go investment. The risks, and we will talk about them in detail later on, are incredibly too high. However, the APR sounds very juicy, which is why many people aim at miners.

However, with this article, we want to introduce an investment strategy that generates similar returns while eliminating almost every risk crypto miners bear. So let's get into it!

Why You Shouldn't Invest in Crypto Miners

Here are the main reasons why investing in crypto miners isn't a good idea:

  • Risk of rug pulls: First of all, the risk of a rug pull has increased massively during the last few months. Due to the problematic situation across the entire crypto space, we've seen many projects that pulled the rug. Accordingly, we are convinced that this trend will continue during the following months.

  • Amount of scams: Also the amount of scam crypto miners has grown exponentially during the last months. Moreover, it is getting increasingly tough to identify scam projects.

  • Reduced returns: Most crypto miners mark their daily returns as "up to xx" — for example, 3%. However, this percentage depends on many factors. One of the most essential is the overall growth of the project. That means the project can pay high returns if more money floods in pouring out. Unfortunately, due to the current market situation, the TVL of most miners shrinks daily. Therefore, the daily returns are much lower than advertised. And here's the point: You never know the current return. Almost every crypto miner is highly intransparent!

  • Ponzi Scheme: Finally, here's the absolute killer aspect. Almost every crypto miner we know is based on a Ponzi scheme. That means they only work as long as new people join and invest. Accordingly, early investors have a considerable advantage; usually, late investors pay but don't earn.

Summarized: Why you shouldn't invest!

If we had to describe crypto miners in one sentence, we would call them a Ponzi scheme with the highest risk that will always end in a loss.

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Fairy Finance Nodes — The Better Alternative!

At Fairy Finance, we introduced so-called nodes right at the beginning of the project. From an investor's point of view, nodes are similar to crypto miners. And indeed, there are similarities.

Nodes are a form of locked-stacking where you're initial amount is locked and paid out over time. However, many differences make nodes a much better investment than miners. Let's look into the details.

  • NO PONZI SCHEME: Let's start with the essential differentiator. Contrary to crypto miners, our nodes are not based on a Ponzi scheme. On the contrary, the project's contract creates the required tokens. Accordingly, nodes pay returns even if no new nodes are created. Moreover, everyone has the same possibilities to make money with nodes. It doesn't matter if you are early or late!

  • Transparent Returns: Another essential aspect can be found in the fact that we are completely transparent when it comes to returns. As shown in the screenshot below, the APR for every node is shown transparently.

  • Risk of rug pull and scam: Of course, we are in the world of DeFi, which means there's always some risk. However, Fairy Finance and similar projects have an entirely different level of professionalism and security compared to miners. At Fairy Finance, all of our contacts are renounced, which means even we can change them as the project team. Moreover, we have an active community, support channels, and much more to support our investors.

What's similar to Crypto Miners

Besides all differentiators, there's one pretty similar aspect: Daily returns :)

The above screenshot shows that some of our nodes pay almost 3% — which is quite comparable to crypto miners. However, even with lower APRs, you have the advantage of a significantly reduced risk!

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This article is no financial advice! Please do your own research before investing in Fairy Finance.

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