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"You do not carelessly say Din!" Mada was quite high-pitched with Didin who had just conveyed something to him.

Midun who happened to come was curious, "What's going on?"

"This Didin just said, he said that humans were created by God to be happy."

"Not what I said Bang, my teacher said!" Didin interrupted.

"Do you want anyone to say where there is such a rich theory? The verse is clear, Allah created jinn and humans to worship.. Oh! To worship, not to be happy."

"It's already noisy, let's find the answer with Engkong Haji. Let's clear it all up." Midun tries to mediate.

Long story short, the three of them had told us about their problems with Engkong Haji after the Zuhur prayer in the prayer room.

"Engkong wants to ask you, Madame. If you see a small child on the road going to school, then you ask why he is going to school? Then he says because he wants to study in class with the teacher. Do you think the answer is correct or not? "

"Yes, that's right, Kong. School is a place to learn."

"Now it's you, Midun. If there are other children who want to go to school, then you ask the same question, then he says because you want to be smart. Is this correct or wrong answer?"

"That's right Kong. Everywhere people go to school to be smart."

"So, both answers are correct, right? The only difference is that the first one talks about the process and the second one talks about the results. School people really want to learn, so studying makes them smarter. So it's not wrong if they talk about going to school to be smart. "

Mada and Midun looked at each other. Then they nodded slowly. Either because you already understand or are still trying to understand. Engkong Haji continued again,

"Now let's go to Didin's case! Humans were created by God to worship. This answer is true. It's in the Bible," Engkong paused for a moment.

"Well, worship is a process. After the process is carried out, what are the results? It's different and it's not, namely happiness! Islam was revealed with the aim of making us happy. The Bible is the guideline for our goal so that we are happy. So it's not wrong to say that humans were created by God to be happy. ."

Mada and Midun understand now. Didin should be able to feel that he has won, but he was grateful for taking part in learning new knowledge that day.

It is true that we exist in this world to be happy. Because actually Allah does not need the worship of His servants. Allah is Great and Most Glorious. All the worship that is done by the servant really benefits will return to them again, in the form of happiness.

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