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"Well, it's no wonder the car is not strong enough to climb, the car is stuck like that!"

Have you ever heard other people comment about an old car whose power is already weak, when facing an uphill road it is really full of struggle. If people say, it's called a broken car.

We're not talking about the car, but about the hook. Actually, Doyok was taken from the name of a character in the comedy group Srimulat. That's it, Kadir's friend.

Somehow the story, the word "doyok" then became an everyday loanword to indicate something that lacks energy.

Another example is bolot, which is a term to indicate someone who suddenly loses hearing. In fact, originally Bolot was the name of a character in a Betawi comedy soap opera on television.

In the same vein as doyok and bolot, westerners also like to use colloquial loanwords derived from the name of the character, namely sisyphus. To show someone whose work is in vain.

Sisyphus himself is actually the name of a character in Greek myth, where during his lifetime he pushed a rock up a hill, then as soon as he reached the top the rock rolled down again.

Then Sisyphus came down the hill, pushed the rock almost to the top, but it rolled again. And so on, Sisyphus' work never came to fruition.

So, if we feel that our daily activities seem futile without any results, don't be surprised if our work will be called sisyphus.

Sisyphus' work is what causes a person to feel bored with his life. Every morning he goes to the office, completes assignments from his superiors, then returns home at night.And so on every day.

Or if he is a trader, his activity is to take goods from producers, then sell them to consumers until they run out. After that take a new item again, and so on.

Such routines make him just like a robot machine. David Graeber, a professor of Anthropology from London,in his book entitled On The Phenomenon Of Bullshit Jobs shows that one in three office workers feel they are doing work in vain.

What causes that? Apparently because they could not find the meaning of what he was doing. So it's only natural to think that his profession is meaningless.

Of the many cleaning service officers at the hospital, when asked about their duties,some answered cleaning the floor, and some answered creating a comfortable and healthy environment for patients.

Look at the difference. That last answer shows he knows that his activities are useful to others.He knows that his work is needed by his environment and contributes to others. He has found meaning for his work!

Back to ourselves, find the meaning of what we do whatever the profession. Employees, teachers, online entrepreneurs, writers, all jobs must have meaning.Don't work just work. Because later we will be Sisyphus.

Time to wake up and change from our long slumber!Time to wake up and change from our long slumber!

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