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Friends, This time, I want to tell you about one of the habits found in the people living around the Solomon Islands, which is located in the South Pacific. Well, the primitive people who live there have an interesting habit of shouting at trees. What for? This habit turns out they do when there is a tree with roots that are very strong and difficult to cut with an axe.

This is what they do, with the aim of making the tree die.

The trick is, some residents who are stronger and braver will climb up to the top of the tree. Then, when they reached the top of the tree together with the people under the tree, they would shout as loudly as possible to the tree. They screamed for hours, for about forty days. And, what happened was truly amazing. The tree that was shouted at was slowly starting to dry its leaves. After that the branches also begin to fall off and slowly the tree will die and be easily uprooted. Wow......

If you pay attention to what these primitive people did, it's really strange. But we can learn one thing from them. They had proven that screaming made at a living creature like a tree would cause the object to lose its spirit. As a result, in a short time, the living thing will die.

Well, now, what is clear and needs to be remembered that every time you scream at a certain living creature it means you are turning off the spirit.

Have you ever shouted at your child? people around you or anyone?

Come on, quickly !

Sluggish !

It's so stupid!

Just like that can't be done?

Don't mess around here! Noisy!

Or, maybe you shouted back at your life partner because you felt hurt?

husband/wife like you don't know yourself!

It's so stupid being a man/wife can't do anything!

Oooooh, what a country girl/boy!?

Or, a teacher can shout at his students:

Stupid, easy questions just can't! When did you get smart?!


Friends, Remember! Whenever you yell at someone for being irritated, angry, humiliated, hurt remember what these Solomon Islands inhabitants taught you. They teach us that every time we start screaming, we start numbing the spirit in our loved ones. We also turn off the spirit that binds our relationship. The screams, which we let out because of our emotions slowly, will eventually kill the spirit that has attached to your relationship.

In daily life. Shouts, are only given when we talk to people who are far away, right?

Well, why do people who are angry and emotional use screams when their distance is close and can only be counted in centimeters. Easy to explain. P

there is a reality, although physically close but actually the heart is so far away. That's why they had to shout at each other! In addition, by shouting, they unconsciously begin to try to injure and kill the spirit of the person being scolded because of their feelings of revenge, hatred or anger. We scream because we want to hurt, we want to retaliate.

So from now on. If you still want the spirit in your loved ones to continue to grow, develop and not die, don't use screams. By yelling at other people there are 2 possible replies you will receive. You will be shunned or you will get a shout back, in return.


Thx for reading...

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