Philosophy of Roots and Ikhlas

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Be like the roots...

Those who work in silence and silence without a sound, don't bother doing their duty to be the main contributor to the new life of a tree.Be like the roots.

Learn from the roots...

Those who continue to work even though they are not seen by the eyes, who keep doing even in the midst of silence. Because the sincerity of the roots is actually learning.

Because of the roots....

Which when the towering tree remained strong and sturdy standing in its place after being hit by a storm and a strong wind blowing.

He is the root...

Which when the results of his work have begun to show the green of the leaves; strong stems and twigs and ripe fruit, not then make him arrogant jumawa then boasted admitting "it's all the result of my work!!"

Roots also understand...

That he could not do it all by himself, so that he accepted the sun's helping hand and was very grateful for the rain that fertilized the soil with its pouring water.

Act like roots...

Who will continue to work incessantly, when the seasons and weather begin to drop their leaves; weathered the stems and branches and humans began to pluck the fruit.

And the roots realized...

That is also similar to other creatures who are subject to the power of the Creator who when willed to him through the intermediary of time, then after completing his obligations are willing to return to His side.

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