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The white-red-striped iron bar slowly descended. Cars and motorbikes consciously stopped. Because breaking through the crosswalk can be fatal.

Uniformed officers were seen standing alert at the location. In addition to watching stopped vehicles, they also keep pedestrians patiently waiting for those who will pass.

Finally the long awaited arrived. The iron bird flashed valiantly. After passing, the bar automatically moves upwards, paving the way for vehicles that can't wait to continue their journey.

Yes, that's the everyday atmosphere at the airplane crossing. You read right, not a railroad crossing, but an airplane.

This unique phenomenon only occurs at Gibraltar Airport in England. Due to limited land, the airport was forced to cut the Winston Churchill Avenue highway.

So as a solution, crosswalks were made, so that vehicles crossing the highway had to give in and give priority to airplanes that would pass.

In terms of safety, of course, airplane crossings are more dangerous than railroad crossings. When the airport was first built, many people doubted the level of security.

Just imagine what if there was a car or motorbike that broke through the crossing and was then hit by an airplane! That must be scary!

But in fact, there has been no record of an accident at the crossing to this day. It turned out that after being put into practice, all these fears were not as imagined.

The officers have good coordination with each other, the drivers are also disciplined and patient in waiting, until everything runs smoothly for years.

So, sometimes something is so scary at first. In fact, we often cancel a plan because of excessive worry. In a foreign proverb it is stated,

The turtle in the well dies after hearing stories about the ocean.

(The turtle at the well dies after hearing the story about the ocean)

How cute is the turtle who is scared when told about the strangeness of the ocean, so he doesn't realize that he is actually a creature created to sail the high seas.

In everyday life, many of us are afraid to imagine the level of marriage, until we finally put it off. On the other hand, there are those who are afraid to enter the world of entrepreneurship, there are also those who are haunted by the fear of having to leave their hometown.

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Topics: Diary, News, Work, Motivation, Inspiration, ...